Why ‘The unseen library’?

In Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series, the Unseen University library exists within what is known as library-space[L-space], which connects the space-time continuum of all libraries that exist on the disc. This L-space not only allows people to travel between any two libraries that exist, it also means that books and information that exist in one library must exist in all others. To me, this second aspect of L-space is an excellent analogy for the platform upon which this blog is located, the internet, where we are able to access information from anywhere on earth…

(my love of Discworld may also have played a small role)

6 thoughts on “Why ‘The unseen library’?

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  1. I should really try to read Terry Pratchett. I was suggested his works after my failed attempt to read more “classic” fantasy. I like the picture for your blog! Where is it from?


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