Welcome to the library

“The Power of Books” by Mladen Penev         www.mladenpenev.net

“The books sizzled and sparked, with the occasional discharge of undirected magic.”

Although the quote above may have been in reference to the grimoires of Discworld’s Unseen University library, I’m sure that the bibliophiles among us (and I can’t imagine you’d be here if you weren’t one) have described their favourite books as having such a spectacular effect. After all, we find ourselves inexorably drawn to the stories and characters of the fantastic worlds contained within each book’s pages. But what is it that captures our imagination so intently?

Of course, this is a deeply personal question. The chances that any two people would give identical explanations as to what attracted them to a particular book seem infinitesimal. Indeed, everyone has their own personal beliefs as to what is important in a good book; the driving force behind my love of a particular book might be exactly what fires your passionate disdain for it. And that’s what is great about books. Hell, that’s what is great about all art forms – their inherent subjectivity which allows each and every one of us to have our own unique thoughts and perceptions.

And that is what this blog is all about. It’s a place for me to share my thoughts and perceptions of what I read. Indeed, I often find that it isn’t until after I have written my thoughts and opinions down that they can be fully developed and understood.

– The Librarian

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